Chapter 1 : Signature Gin / Chapter 2 : Dark Skies / Seasonal Chapter 3 : Floral Notes / Seasonal Chapter 4 : Hay Time

Chapter 1 : Signature Gin / Chapter 2 : Dark Skies / Seasonal Chapter 3 : Floral Notes / Seasonal Chapter 4 : Hay Time


All our gins are chapters and as such will continue to be written as our story evolves. Chapter One, our signature gin, contains a blend of 14 organic botanicals. Along with juniper, carefully selected botanicals, including meadowsweet, yarrow and elderflower, have been chosen to capture the spirit of the fells and surrounding meadows in each bottle. We were delighted when our signature gin was awarded a Gold in the prestigious International Wines and Spirits Competition!

Chapter Two, Dark Skies, launched on 16th February 2019 and takes you into the Forest of Bowland at night, where nocturnal creatures abound. Look skywards and be transported under the famous dark skies of Bowland. The comforting blend of 12 organic botanicals we've selected create a delicately spiced gin, including aniseed, root ginger, cardamom and vanilla.

Chapter Three, Floral Notes, is a seasonal release, inspired by Richard and Rachel Trenchard’s country garden in full bloom. From their distillery on the edge of the Forest of Bowland, a profusion of flora fills the senses, elegant to gaze at and intoxicating in their scent. This gin captures the heady notes of their fond favourites ~ peony, rose and hibiscus.

Chapter Four, Hay Time, is another seasonal release and the result of a collaboration between Richard and Rachel Trenchard, the Forest of Bowland AONB team and Peter Blackwell, who farms at Bell Sykes, Slaidburn. The internationally recognised meadows have been cared for by the Blackwell family for three generations. The blend of freshly cut botanicals harnesses the meadows’ rich diversity and includes species such as sweet vernal grass, red clover flowers, yellow rattle flowers, meadow vetchling leaf, bush vetch and common sorrel. A donation from each bottle sold will support educational projects in the AONB, promoting the preservation and restoration of meadows.